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MO Disks

All MO Discs are discontinued and are EOL (end of life).  No new MO Discs have been manufactured in over two years. 

Magneto optical discs (MO discs). Brands of MO disks in stock - Sony, Verbatim, MaxOptix, Philips, Fujitsu and Plasmon. 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch.

Nobody stocks more 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch optical discs than MaxOptix.com. Popular rewritable magneto optical disks: 5.25" 2.3gb, 4.1gb, 2.6gb, 5.2gb and 5.25" 9.1gb.

WORM optical discs: 5.25" 5.2gb WORM, 2.6gb WORM and 9.1gb WORM.


Features and Benefits

Unmatched Longevity: A highly stable patented Phase Change storage technology delivers media life greater of 50 years.

Data Authenticity: Complies with industry and government regulations

Portability: MO media can be easily transported to an off site location, satisfying your need for a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.


The global supply of all MO Disk brands will be greatly diminished going forward. Please call us with any optical disk related questions - 800-848-3092

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5.25" Rewritable MO Disks:

2.3gb Rewritable 2.6gb Rewritable 
4.1gb Rewritable 4.8gb Rewritable
5.2gb Rewritable 9.1gb Rewritable
1.2gb Rewritable 1.3gb Rewritable 
8.6gb Rewritable  


5.25" WORM MO Disks:

1.3gb Write Once  2.6gb Write Once
5.2gb Write Once 9.1gb Write Once
1.3gb Write Once  


3.5" Rewritable MO Disks:

128mb Rewritable 230mb Rewritable
540mb Rewritable 640mb Rewritable
1.3gb Rewritable 2.3gb Rewritable