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About UDO

Sole Manufacturer for 30gb UDO and 60gb UDO2 Disks

Plasmon filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the 4th Quarter of 2008. At that time there were two manufacturers of 30gb and 60gb UDO media - Plasmon in the UK and Mitsubishi in Japan.

A company in Colorado Springs, Colorado bought the Plasmon name and customer base shortly after the Chapter 11 filing and simply sources the UDO from the same Mitsubishi plant in Japan and has the discs private labeled "Plasmon."

Fast forward to 2012 and Mitsubishi is still the sole manufacturer of all UDO Disc media (60gb and 30gb WORM and Rewritable). Most, if not all, of the UK manufactured product should have been sold through the channel by now.

This means that all brands of UDO disks are made in Japan - Plasmon, HP, Verbatim, IBM, Xerox, Maxoptix and generic variations. This also means that all UDO discs carry the same lifetime warranty as long as they were manufactured in Japan.


The bottom line is that all brands of UDO media have been manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi since the 4th quarter of 2008. The actual brand of UDO is completely irrelevant as long as they were made in Japan as the warranty is identical across all available brands. Because of this, buy on price as "brand" has become irrelevant.

Maxoptix.com is one of the largest distributors of UDO and MO disks in North America. We strive to offer the best prices and pass on all relevant news and information to our partners, customers and prospective customers.


Features and Benefits of UDO Disks

Unmatched Longevity: A highly stable patented Phase Change storage technology delivers media life greater of 50 years.

High Media Capacity: Blue Laser technology allows unprecedented media capacities. UDO2 media are 60GB

Data Authenticity: Complies with industry and government regulations for permanent non-erasable storage.

Portability: UDO media can be easily transported to an off site location, satisfying your need for a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.

Barcodes: Barcode labels provide automated identification and tracking of individual pieces of UDO media.


UDO Media Specifications:

Media Capacity UDO2 60GB (Double Sided)
Media Capacity UDO1 30GB (Double Sided)
Sector Size 8000 bytes/sector
Cartridge Size 5.25 inch
Recording Layer Phase Change
Media Life 100 + years
Rewrite Cycles 10,000 (Rewritable media)
Certification ISO/IEC 17345, ECMA-350