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MO Drive Repair

For over twenty years MaxOptix has been manufacturing, selling and servicing Magneto-optical drives for customers around the world. Our service technicians have industry leading experience diagnosing and repairing 5.25" and 3.5" MO drives.

Each drive that reaches our bench undergoes a thorough inspection upon receipt. We diagnose the problem and determine the solution at ZERO cost.  Once the problem has been properly diagnosed we contact you to discuss the best path forward. 

Call us to get started: 1-800-848-3092

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Diagnosis of your drive carries ZERO cost or obligations. If during diagnosis, your drive is found to be un-repairable, you will be charged nothing.  We’ll simply offer up a substitute, scrap the drive or send it back to you (you will incur freight).  We strive to be as upfront as possible and make your drive repair an easy and painless procedure.

img-0179.jpgMost repairs follow our simple easy to understand repair cost structure.  Many times a simple laser recalibration and thorough cleaning will solve your problems – other times the problem is more complex and may require additional parts.  If additional parts or service is required you will always be consulted before any work is done. 

If you would like to start your repair, discuss your replacement options or have any questions please fill out the form (below /to the right/etc) and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Brand Capacity Type Model
Maxoptix 2.6gb Internal T5-2600
Maxoptix 2.6gb External TMT5-2600
Maxoptix 2.6gb Internal T5-2600 Star
Maxoptix 2.6gb External TMT5-2600 Star
Maxoptix 5.2gb Internal T6-5200 Star
Maxoptix 5.2gb External TMT6-5200 Star
Maxoptix 9.1gb Internal T7-9100
Maxoptix 9.1gb External TMT7-9100
Sony 5.2gb Internal SMO-F551
Sony 5.2gb External SMO-S551-SD
Sony 9.1gb Internal SMO-F561
Sony 9.1gb External SMO-S561