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The State of Magneto Optical Disks

Current state of MO Disks

Manufacturers - Sony was up until recently the lone manufacturer of MO disks today. Sony has just (1/1/15) informed us that they have ceased production.  Magneto Optical Media has reached effective EOL (End of Life). While this news is disheartening - we do have many disks in stock from MaxOptix, Maxell, Philips, Verbatim, HP, etc. Contact us or click here for a complete list.

December 2015 MO Disc Update

Maxoptix has secured good quantities of the most popular DICOM compliant MO discs. Popular capacities like 5.25” 2.3gb rewritable, 4.1gb rewritable, and 1.2gb rewritable capacities. Made by leading manufacturers like Sony, HP, Maxoptix and Philips. All new and factory sealed.

We are also looking at providing a professional program for recertified 2.3gb r/w MO discs. This process will include fully guaranteed discs that are completely wiped down, degaussed, and cleaned. Discs will have a new set of disc labels, a new sleeve and shrunk-wrapped.

Please inquire with any questions that you have – 1-800-848-3092


Current state of MO Drives

Manufacturers - All manufacturers have ceased drive production as of 2010. Most all drives on the market are refurbished and offer strong reliability and affordability. MaxOptix has been in the drive business for many years and still offers a complete line of refurbished drives and support for repair of most manufacturers drives.

3.5 and 5.25 Availability - We try to stock the most popular refurbished models from Fujitsu, MaxOptix and Sony, but we come across and acquire hard to find drives. If you don’t see what you need please contact us.